To Glorify God By Loving One Another
So That People Come To Know Jesus Christ Personally And Grow Together In Him



Pastor Randy Magnus:


    Pastor Randy has been our spiritual shepherd at Roseville  
 UB since 1994. He is a graduate of Huntington University
 with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Religion and a Masters
 of Christian Ministry degree from the graduate school there.  
    Before coming to Roseville, Randy pastored the United  
 Brethren congregation in Fort Erie for 10 years. Randy has a
 strong passion for the Lord and bringing the Good News to
 everybody.  He has a compassionate heart and many have
 greatly valued Him being present in their time of need. 
   Randy is married to Deb and they have two sons in their   
 thirties and a daughter in her twenties. 
   You can contact Randy at: 



Andrew Jolley:  Pastor of Youth, Young Adults and Young Families


    We are glad to have Andrew Jolley as our Pastor of Youth,
 Young Adults and Young Families since August 2015.  Andrew, his wife  
 Jenn and two children, came to us from St.Catharines.  They have been
 involved in youth ministries, small groups, campus ministries and more.  
   Andrew studied at Brock University and Heritage Theological Seminary.  
 He brings many gifts and abilities to our church and ministry team.

    Andrew would love to chat with you about your spiritual journey.  
 You can email Andrew at:



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