To Glorify God By Loving One Another
So That People Come To Know Jesus Christ Personally And Grow Together In Him

Our Heritage (updated - Dec -2011)

Roseville UB has been involved in our community and region for 
130 years meeting needs and making known the good news 
of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord.
We are a Protestant, Evangelical, Christ-centered and Bible-   
believing church that is one of twelve congregations that comprise
the United Brethren Church in Canada. United Brethren pastors began preaching in Canada in the 1820’s with the first permanent follow-up to the evangelistic efforts taking place in Waterloo County in the 1850’s. The settlement of Roseville was named in 1852. Roseville United Brethren's congregation began meeting in 1881 as a home Bible study group and purchased the original church building (still used as our sanctuary) from the Wesleyan Methodists later that year for $200. The church had been constructed by a Lutheran congregation who sold it to the Wesleyan Methodists, though neither held services there.  The original wood structure was bricked over in 1919.  A basement was added in 1950 with major expansions to the building in 1974 and 2006.  

The United Brethren Church can trace its beginnings to May, 1767 at an inter-denominational revival event in Lancaster, PA where a Mennonite preacher and a Reformed pastor declared "we are brethren". A loosely organized Christian evangelistic movement followed until the name "United Brethren" was formally adopted in 1800. We are unique in that we became the first Christian denomination to be formed in North America (ie. not a European trans-plant).  In 1821 we also became one of the first denominations to take a stand against slavery.  Historical, Biblically-based distinctive aspects of the UB Church include:  a) knowing for sure that your sins are forgiven, you have a place in God’s family, and a home awaiting you in heaven, and (b) changed lives: that through the power of God's indwelling Spirit we are to be transformed, becoming more and more like Jesus in our attitudes, actions, conversations and motivations.

Internationally, the United Brethren Church is comprised of ten self-governing conferences: Canada, the USA, Honduras, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Guatemala. The United Brethren Church also has congregations in: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Haiti, India, Macau and Thailand.   

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OUR LOCATION: 2729 Fischer-Hallman Road, R.R. #1, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0, Phone: 519.696.3005 wheelchair accessible