To Glorify God By Loving One Another
So That People Come To Know Jesus Christ Personally And Grow Together In Him

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Who can attend your worship celebrations?

Answer:  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our worship
celebrations. You don't have to be a United Brethren or even a
Christian. Our church family consists of a wide variety of attenders,
some who never previously attended church and others from
Lutheran, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Catholic, Baptist, United and other backgrounds. Only about half of those regularly attending are official members.

Question: Am I expected to wear a suit/ dress or formal wear when I attend your church?

Answer: No.  Most dress somewhat casually or informally though you will see an occasional tie or sport coat and a few dresses.

Question: What age groups typically attend your church?

Answer: We have been blessed to have a wide range of ages among those who regularly worship with us. There are singles and families of all ages and stages with seniors, babies, toddlers, children, youth, young adults and others in the 30-60 range.

Question: Is a nursery or child-care available?

Answer: Yes, we have a nursery and child-care for toddlers available during our worship celebration.  Parents may leave their children in the nursery or stay with them if desired.

Question: Is Sunday school available?

Answer: Yes, we offer Sunday school during our worship celebration every week for children above toddlers through grade 6 and twice a month for grades 7-12.  Everyone worships together from 10:30-10:50 a.m. and then the youth and/or children are dismissed.  In the summer months we offer Junior church in place of Sunday School for children up to grade 6.

Question: What is your typical attendance?

Answer: 80-90 is normal with more on special Sundays and less in the summer.  We definitely have room for you!

Question: Is coffee allowed at your church?

Answer: Yes, in fact we serve it at church.  We believe that how we interact with each other is part of how we worship God.  Every Sunday we take a few minutes during our worship celebration for “Connecting Time”, a time to grab a beverage and catch up/build relationships with one another and with newcomers to our church family.

Question: What is the geographic scope of those who regularly attend services?

Answer: Our attenders come from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Petersburg,New Hamburg,New Dundee, Ayr, Roseville and other areas around the region.

Question: Is the building wheel chair accessible? 

Answer: Yes, we have a ramp and a wheel chair accessible washroom.  We also have a chair lift for people who need assitance getting to our fellowship hall in the lower level.

Question: Can I partake in Communion?

Answer: We practice open communion and make it available to all who profess faith in Jesus Christ our risen Lord and Saviour.  We offer Communion about every six weeks, usually serving non-alcoholic grape juice and small pieces of bread.

Question: Am I required to make a financial pledge or will people know if I give or how much?

Answer: NO! Any money you choose to donate is strictly between you and God. We do not have a financial pledge system. The Lord has richly blessed our church work and we trust that He will continue to provide for us. If you are a visitor to our church please do not feel obligated to give. The financial secretary of the church knows who gives and how much for the purpose of issuing tax receipts but no one else knows.

Question: Do you use a Liturgy? 

Answer: No. We do not read from a liturgy. There is structure to our service, including a time of congregational prayer and a sermon but a liturgy is not used.

Question: What version of the Bible do you use? 

Answer: It is important to us that a modern English version of the Bible is used so that everyone can understand the words. The New International Version is used most often but other versions are used as well.

Question: Are there any restrictions on women? 

Answer: Women and men are treated as full equals. Women can serve in all leadership positions in our church and we ordain women pastors.  

Question: What is your position on Baptism?

Answer: We encourage all believers to be baptized as a profession of their personal faith as a youth or adult. Those from another tradition that feel strongly in the legitimacy of their infant baptism can fully participate in all of our ministries, can become members and can become leaders in the church.

Question: What is your stand on the military?

Answer: We strongly support the men and women who serve in our armed forces and as police officers. One of our young adults proudly serves in the Canadian Navy and several police officers worship with us. We respect the desire of some to be “conscientious objectors” during time of war and we disapprove of engaging in voluntary, national, aggressive warfare.   We are on record as a denomination that is highly in favour of national and international peace and we urge our leaders to always pursue peace.

Question: What is the United Brethren Church stand on other social or moral issues?

Answer: Much thought has been given to commenting on a variety of issues such as gambling, pornography the occult and human relations. The web link for the United Brethren Church discipline that discusses these issues in greater depth can be found at: If you follow the link you can also explore other chapters in the UB discipline, such as United Brethren Family Standards, which discuss other issues including the definition of a family, family life, marriage, abuse, divorce, remarriage, family planning, genetic engineering and euthanasia.

Question: Does the church have a library? 

Answer: Yes, we do a have library.

Question: Do you work with other churches? 

Answer: Yes.  Through the New Dundee and Ayr ministerial groups we cooperate with 13 churches from 10 other denominations on such things as community services, breakfasts, leadership training, marriage enrichment and more.  We are also part of the United Brethren Church in Canada and cooperate with that group of churches for things like summer camps for children and youth, winter retreats, relief efforts, global outreach, conferences and conventions. Our youth usually attend a large multi-denominational event or two each year such as Pitch-'N-Praise and Acquire the Fire and the World Vision 30-Hour Famine and Operation Christmas Child are also annual involvements. 

Question: Does the church want to grow? 

Answer: YES! We know that there are many people who have not yet experienced the forgiveness and friendship of Jesus in their lives and who are living apart from His love.  Our desire is to reach out to those around us with the good news of God’s love in the hope that many will come to know and love Him and want to worship Him, whether with us or somewhere else.  We are always open to new individuals or families checking us out or making our church home their church home and our spiritual family their spiritual family.  Our church facilities currently meet our needs, but we hope to continue to expand in the future.

OUR LOCATION: 2729 Fischer-Hallman Road, R.R. #1, Ayr, ON N0B 1E0, Phone: 519.696.3005 wheelchair accessible